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Bob Symington Award

Award name: Bob Symington Award

Award criteria:

  • Oral presentation
  • The presenter is 35 years or younger.
  • The presenter has not won the same award in the preceding conference (unless there are no other qualifying presentations).

The prize:

  • Certificate
  • R 500

Award History:
The larger-than-life Professor Bob Symington passed away suddenly in 1983, leaving a large void in the Society. Bob who was born in Edinburgh, had originally lived and taught in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and had then immigrated to South Africa in 1981. He took up a post at the University of Cape Town two years prior to his untimely death.  The Newsletter of ASSA was initiated in 1979 and was championed by Professor Robert (Bob) Symington, President of the Society at that time. In 1984, in honour of the role which Bob had played in the Society (he was one of the Founder members, a Council member and had held the position of President), and for all his input into the Society and particularly its young members, the Society established the Bob Symington Award for the best young (35 years and under)presenter at the Congress.

General rules applying to each Conference:

  • No single person will be considered for more than one award at any particular conference.
  • If the presenter fits into more than one category (for example under 35 AND 1st time presenter) then the presenter must choose for which award they wish to be evaluated.
  • If no qualifying presentations are given in a particular category then the award will not be made.


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